SurfaceGuard90 is SAFE

100% ECO Friendly


SurfaceGuard90 creates an environmentally friendly, non-toxic antimicrobial barrier on surfaces.


What does this really mean? The antimicrobial coating created by SurfaceGuard90 is considered the world’s most environmentally friendly because it does need to leach off the surface to destroy the cell wall of microorganisms like bacteria or mold. Other non-toxic antimicrobial products must leach off the surfaces to work in order to poison cells with heavy metals such as silver or copper. Each time leaching antimicrobials poison a cell, a small amount of that metal comes off and remains on the surface and enters the environment. This leaching/non-leaching comparison also explains why SurfaceGuard90 lasts longer and performs better than other long-lasting antimicrobial products.


Less Stress on the Environment


SurfaceGuard90 RTU and Concentrates are the environmentally friendly and user friendly antimicrobial. These products contain no heavy metals, arsenic, tin or polychlorinated phenols. SG24, LLC addresses the two main ecological concerns associated with leaching antimicrobials: bleeding harmful toxins into the environment and the generation of adaptive organisms (superbugs) with Bio-Protect.


What happens to SurfaceGuard90 RTU and Concentrates after a treated garment is thrown away or discarded?

A shirt treated with this technology and placed in a landfill will break down to basic components in about five years: carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and silicon dioxide (sand or quartz) from which it was derived.


The Obvious Choice


All antimicrobials are NOT created equal. It is important to understand the basic chemical, physical, and biological properties of an antimicrobial so the best choice can be made.


Because of its unique mode of action and inability to migrate from a treated surface, our technology is the obvious choice to minimize environmental contamination and the development of resistant organisms.



These products are environmentally friendly due to their properties – they are non-dissipating, non-leaching and non-migrating away from the applied substrate. It cannot be absorbed by microorganisms or by humans.


SurfaceGuard90 RTU and Concentrates use no poison, phenols, heavy metals, tin or arsenic.


There has never been a health claim made against SurfaceGuard90 RTU and Concentrates.

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