How SurfaceGuard90 Antimicrobial Coating Works

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Germs, also called microbes or micro-organisms, are living cells that are too small to be seen with the naked eye. These micro-organisms, known as bacteria, fungus, and viruses are responsible for a large majority of the illnesses and disease found in humans. Our hands are responsible for as much as 80% of the transfer of these pathogens. All conventional surface sanitizers have to get inside the micro-organism in order to kill them. A chemical agent, such as alcohol or BAC, will act like a poison invading any nearby cells causing the microorganism to die. This method is effective, but only for a matter of seconds. The poison then evaporates away and leaves your surface vulnerable.

SurfaceGuard 90 with Organosilane is an antimicrobial coating that inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, algae, and mold on surfaces for an extended period of time (30 days to 3 years). SurfaceGuard 90 dries to form a uniform layer of microscopic “spikes” that are deadly to any microorganism. Germs are electrostatically attracted to Organosilane’s spiked surface. The Organosilane molecule then draws the microbe down to its core when the germ is forced to implode (lysis) and dies. SurfaceGuard 90 contains no thickeners, stabilizers, colorants, dyes or additives. It is non-toxic, non-mutagenic, and non-allergenic. SurfaceGuard 90 is safe for use with people, animals and plants. This product is safe for application to a wide variety of surfaces and materials including fabrics, carpet, upholstery, drapes, linens, wood, plastics, stone, porcelain and metals. Application to surfaces produces an invisible, transparent and durable antimicrobial film that will not transfer on contact with other surfaces and is non-leaching on contact with water or solvents. Once the product is dry, the bonded antimicrobial film is non-volatile, odorless and colorless.
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