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Use SurfaceGuard90 to treat existing properties that are for sale or rent. Offer piece of mind to potential tenants by applying an antimicrobial coating prior to moving in.


Ideal as pre-treatment during constructions to interior studs and components to prevent mold and mildew in hidden areas. Long lasting durable antimicrobial costing.



Dramatically improve hygiene levels and limit cross contamination by reducing bio‐loads on surfaces. Using a sanitizer/disinfectant ONLY provides contact kill and in most cases, once it dries it is DONE. Applying SurfaceGuard90 to surfaces provides a durable antimicrobial shield that provides protection in between daily cleaning. Also eliminate objectionable odors at their source rather than simply masking them with scents. The unique patented formulation provides efficacy through a mechanical kill mechanism and is highly effective against most microbes. Inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria and fungi (mold and mildew), bacteria which cause staining and discoloration, and algae.

SurfaceGuard90 covalent bond allows attachment to all porous and non‐porous surfaces including fabric and plastics. Surface protectant inhibits microbial growth on hard and porous surfaces for up to 90 days. Mechanical kill prevents superbugs.







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