News Headlines and Articles

       Prevention & Control Guidance

       Infection Spread By Air Or Droplets

       Dirty Grocery Carts

       Shopping Carts

       Dirtiest Restaurants

       Germ Super Spreaders

       Mumps Spread through NHL

       Workers Come in Contact with 10 Million Bacteria

       Speed of a Sneeze

       The Scariest Infectious Diseases Right Now

       Survival of Salmonella in Bathrooms and Toilets in Homes following Salmonellosis

       Airplanes & Germs

       Germs On A Plane


       Risk Of Flu On Flights

       Tuberculosis Risk On Flights

       Planes & Germs

       Germs In Planes & Hotels



       Cruiseships Infections

       Cruiseships Germs

       Cruiseships Viruses

       Cruiseships & Death

       Desk Making You Sick

       Keyboards & Germs

       Germs In The Workplace

       Womens Desks

       Germs & Phones

       Workers Come in Contact with 10 Million Bacteria

       Germ Super Spreaders

       Staph Infection Not Just In Hospitals

       MRSA & Hospitals

       Staph Infection Outside Of Hospital

       How Long Can Ebola Last on Surfaces and Waste Water

       Ebola Virus Transmission via Contact and Aerosol - A New Paradigm

       Transmission of Ebola Virus to Uninfected Control Monkeys

       Interim Guidance on Environment Management of Pandemic Influenza Virus

       Illness From Petting Zoos


       Hands & Fomites

       Toxic Mold

       Norovirus & Health Care


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